An Audience of One

Today, many artists wont perform without a guaranteed number in the audience. Many of us feel that it is not worth sharing or performing if there aren’t enough people to appreciate it.

Whatever music is in your heart, whatever creative outlet, whatever expression of your personality; one is enough because one means it’s shared. It’s the process of taking what is in you and letting it out. Audience cannot be measured by number.

Why is a thousand better than one? Have we bought into the idea that popularity is the voting system of our value and worth? This may smack hard against common sense and perhaps even our emotional knee jerk reactions, but I encourage you to think for a moment. Start logically: when is enough, enough. If a hundred is good, what of ninety? What of fifty? Why? How much music dies in the “artist” because the audience isn’t large enough? What a crime, for both the artist and the audience. Imagine if we thought of love this way? Well, I don’t want to give my best to just one person. I’m not going to share my heart with just one. What a waste that would be! I would be putting out so much effort and only one person could appreciate it! Marriage, please! Committing that kind of time to one? I’ll only live with at least ten people because I need more people to recognize and know me!

There was a line in a movie years ago that really struck me. The characters were talking about why people get married and one individual stated that we get married in order to have a witness to our life. I found this to be profound. There is a longing for an audience to our lives, but we place such restrictions. The only valuable audience is a stage or a spouse? How much of our lives go unread because we have lost the art of sharing a page? If they don’t read the whole story than it isn’t worth it! How many times have I been inspired and amazed by a quote! We can share our lives piecemeal and find connection and satisfaction.

Our lives are meant to be shared, the depths of our souls contain lyrics that can only be set to music when they touch the air around us. Music isn’t music when it is silent. That is why it is left so unfulfilling when it is unshared. Many don’t know their music because so much of their lives are left “unread” and “unshared.” One of the amazing things about the age we live in, is that audiences abound. Take a risk, find an audience, and begin to find your music.

This is a two-fold message: one, sharing your story and two, sharing your music. There is a great overlap in this. For many they are one in the same, but for all of us they are vital. Humor can be your music and part of who you are. There are creative aspects to every individual with a soul, but they are amazingly unique and uniquely connected to our story. Keep “singing” and you’ll find your song, keep sharing and your story will enfold around you, one quote at a time.


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