Courageously Broken

The self-proclaimed unbroken, “cool” people are the people who are too afraid to fall and demand everyone else be too. How many times has beautiful music failed to be heard because it was locked away in a vault of “coolness”? Everything great, everything amazing, everything worth anything has involved vulnerability, risk, humility, and a reckless disregard for standards. Love certainly is that way. How can we ever connect without risking it all? What is so wrong with brokenness? We are all broken, it just takes a little courage to admit it. Aren’t you tired of walking around pretending to be perfect, amidst other masks of perfection? Oliver Holmes said that the mass of people die with their music still in them. Isn’t there that song that says we should dance like no one is watching and love like we could never get hurt?

When I think about people that I want in my life, I look for pain. I want someone acquainted with pain and comfortable with brokenness. I want to know that I won’t be with someone who looks at life through rose colored glasses, pretends nothing is ever wrong, and does not know how to embrace their brokenness. I love laughter and joy, but there is a reciprocal nature to all things. A great capacity for sorrow equates with a great capacity for joy. Some may question this, but I know it to be true, some just don’t realize their deep reservoir of either, in order for joy to have depth it must emerge from pain. Believe me when I say that I have never encountered someone filled with true joy who didn’t have great depths of pain. I have never enjoyed spring more than after a harsh winter. Give me my seasons and I will rejoice over spring every time. I want someone who can embrace the seasons, embrace the vast array of emotions, and ultimately, by definition, have depth. No one who runs from pain, denies pain, or their own brokenness can have depth. My greatest thoughts, growth, and ability to impact the world around me has come from my brokenness. I am determined to leave cool for those who really don’t want to live.

I want to be surrounded by people who can both laugh and cry. Who can make fools of themselves and still ponder what it means to live. It is in this environment that our music flows and our joy truly shines.


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