So I’ve decided to do some reflection on greatness. What is it? Why the obsession? Etc… So this is my first installment of thoughts-

Life is hard for those who have tasted greatness. Its sweetness never fades from memory and is a constant reminder of not only what could be, but also of what isn’t. The torment of an ecstasy lost and a promise unfulfilled. Minor victories become thimbles of water to quench an aching thirst. Greatness becomes confused with the quenching of thirst, which only lasts a moment. Greatness becomes confused with adoration. Greatness becomes confused with what you do rather than who you are, but performance addiction will always do that. It is far harder to lose who you are, but a moment can never be held on to. The middle aged man looking back on his high school football trophies has confused a moment of adoration with greatness. He cannot hold on to it because it is not great, it is cheers, adrenaline, and narcissism. Who he was then, can be who he is now, if he separates performance from character. Greatness worms its way into the fabric of a person and dwells forever in who they are, regardless of objectifiable triumphs.


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