We Will Get There

‘We will get there’
Like a warm blanket before a fire
Tiny hand engulfed in a tender grip

Don’t know where I am going
It’s dark and windy
I stumble and hurt my toe
He loves the pain away

I stumble and hurt my knee
He picks me up and carries me
I’m tired and scared
I don’t know where we are going

‘We will get there’
Enveloped in strong arms
Melting away, tensions flow
Tension I didn’t know was there
But I’m afraid
It’s dark and things look strange
This isn’t where I thought I would be
I don’t recognize anything

‘We will get there’
A whisper close to my ear
Loving lips brush my cheek
Confidence, strength, protection

Icy rains beat against my flesh
Let me fall, I am done
I do not want to go on
I don’t know where there is!

Let me go
Let me die
Let it end
Who cares about there!

‘We will get there
You are not alone
I feel the rain
I know the pain’

I don’t know what there is!
It hurts and I am scared
We will never get there
I don’t know what to do

‘We will get there
I know the way’
My heart rests
Like an ocean at peace

We will get there
I know this for truth
We will get there
That is all there is

We have arrived
I do not recognize this place
I never intended on coming here
We have arrived
There is nothing more
We have arrived
Because ‘We will get there.’

Thank you….I can live there
Till then I’ll walk with you.
Do you think we could invite some others?

***In honor of all those who are trying to get there


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