Monday Musings: Our Own Personal God

I’ve decided to add a day to my blogging schedule. On Mondays I’m going to attempt to share some brief thoughts because my main entries have gotten a bit deep and intricate. I wanted an opportunity to share some of the things that have touched me or challenged me without having to put on hold a series I’m working on or feel like I need to go into depth with it. But my regular blog series will continue on Wednesdays. I hope you will follow along and I hope that this addition is something of value to you. Thank you so much for being willing to make my thoughts a part of your life!

Our Own Personal God

In my life I have struggled with my significance. As a therapist I have love keymet with countless people who wonder about their importance. In spite of all the sermons and verses concerning God’s love, many of my clients question how important they are to God. I don’t think that’s such an odd thing, our hearts often have trouble experiencing true connection and true unconditional love.

But I think sometimes our struggle with God has to do with our proclivity toward seeing Him as a limited resource. What do I mean? I think we can unintentionally imagine God splitting up his time between us and the rest of the world.

I would argue that since God is really beyond time, His relationship toward us is vastly different. He actually has an infinite amount of time to spend with us. I would like you to imagine that God is solely interested in you and your story. He’s attention is focused entirely upon you and he is committed to moving in your life and orchestrating the world around your story. I want you to imagine that you are the hero of His story.

The way I imagine it, is that time and our Universe is this bubble that glass-845853__340God hovers around. He periodically steps into that bubble and follows someone throughout their whole life and helps orchestrate circumstance and life for them working toward their individual plot and storyline. So when I am born he steps in and follows me from beginning to end as my personal God and I’m the hero of the story that he is orchestrating. When I die, he steps out and back in again with you or someone else. But each of us gets the undivided attention of God as the author of our story.

I don’t mean to get philosophical or theological with that picture, its just my way of understanding something that is beyond understanding. Actually, it’s my way of getting my heart to understand something—there may be other ways to get your heart to know that your God is rooting for you “above” everyone else.

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