Monday Musings: How shall we then live?

Being a therapist as been one of the greatest privileges of my life, but it also costs. Everything of value in life costs. Look at some of the entitled children of the wealthy- they don’t value anything, but as a consequence they can’t really appreciate or enjoy anything including themselves.

 It is costly to wade into the depths of despair and pain everyday. I see people struggling and in pain. I witness the great difficulties of marriage and how easily one small issue can grow like a cancer and it prompts fear in my heart at times. I’ve watched horrible things happen to people over and over again, wondering what makes me think that I am safe.

But I also get to see the cost of things. I witness first hand, on an intimate level the prison’s of people’s making. From the outside I can look in and see what hate and anger cost. I can see the freedom that love and forgiveness offer in a way I never could have. My clients give me the gift of perspective, but at a painful price.

My thoughts as I see clearly through another’s eyes?

  • Choose love, always choose love.

  • Gratitude is much cleaner water to swim in

  • God is truly the only answer to helplessness

  • Be like water: we can’t always control our circumstances

“ Water never waits. It changes shape and flows around things, and finds the secret paths no one else has thought about — the tiny hole through the roof or the bottom of the box. There’s no doubt it’s the most versatile of the five elements. It can wash away earth; it can put out fire; it can wear a piece of metal down and sweep it away. Even wood, which is its natural complement” -Memoirs of a Geisha


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