Monday Musings: Start the week with Grace

Heart sunAs a therapist and a Christian I have become increasingly more amazed at the power and necessity of Grace in our lives. I think our entire being screams against the rest that comes from truly accepting God’s grace. This week I encourage you to enter into His rest by accepting Grace for yourself.

  • God will never be more proud of you than he is right now!

  • Right now, in this moment, no matter what you have or are doing, you are God’s hero—the hero of the story that you two are co-authoring together.

  • Love is a better motivator than guilt- stop “whipping” yourself into shape and reach deep to find out why you WANT to live a certain way.

  • Relationship is always more valuable than success

  • Life is all about the journey not the destination- focus on the joy of the process not the satisfaction of completion


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