Life is about building sandcastles

Monday Musings: Sandcastles (a past blog)

The Will to be Onesself

sand-castle1The difficult part of life is that there are at least equal amounts of losses and gains. We start out this life being inundated with gains. Every year of our childhood is filled with new opportunities, adventures, and dreams. We are growing both intellectually and physically, gaining authority and influence over our world. We are flooded with a life of endless opportunity and boundless gains (if we are lucky). But this world is temporal. Judith Viorst in her book, Necessary Losses, wrote about life being all about loss. Just as the title describes, there are things we must give up; there are things we must lose. Growing from childhood to adulthood we move from fantasy to reality. I am not likely to be a superhero, the president, or a mad scientist. Most of the dreams I had as a child needed to be let go. Viorst puts it this way:

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