What would Jesus Blog?

idea-1880978__340So after that deep and frankly tedious series, I wanted to write a less dense blog this week. The thought occurred to me as I was writing my last blog- what would Jesus Blog? I guess the thought occurred because I wondered what he thought of my “Flesh” series. I love seeing the psychology of the bible and relationship with God but it isn’t the common language of the church and any time I venture down a less traditional road I wonder if I’m still on the right track.

I forget momentarily about God’s grace and wonder if I’m doing something wrong. Am I getting too psychological? So I asked myself what Jesus would Blog?

I’m chuckling to myself as I realize that I do not have a clue what Jesus would blog. The Jesus that walked this earth said what he had to say and I think the transcended Jesus would want to have a personal blog for each of us. A better question might be what would Jesus blog to me today? I like that question and I might go about seeing if I could write that out for myself.

But maybe I need to go back to the deeper question. What would Jesus think of my blog? As I think about Jesus my concerns melt away and I find the reassurance of someone who knows me heart and is infinitely patient.

I imagine that he sees my blog the same way that a parent looks at their child’s rendition of a car, not accurate but a reflection of the child’s development and personality. From that vantage point, Jesus may be like a parent thrilled at the progress of their child and delighted to see their work. I imagine Jesus’ smiling as he reads my blog, not in condescension, but with a genuine ability to enjoy my handiwork even if it falls incredibly short of complete truth and accuracy.


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