Monday Musings: What do we treasure?

Matt 6:21 Where your treasure is there your heart will be also.

There is an idea that part of therapy is making “the familiar strange.” In other words, we live and think a certain way for so long that we don’t money-1477064__340evaluate much of our lives and don’t even recognize much of the way that we live- we just do. But often there are ideas and patterns that are very “strange.” Yet we can’t see it because we’ve lived it for so long.

I think about all the verses and sermons that I’ve heard over the years that have programmed me to think or see a certain way when I hear them. Take Matt 6:21, most sermons are about storing up your treasures in heaven, which is undoubtedly what was being communicated, but the last part of that verse that I’ve cited above is a very powerful idea that I’ve seen in operation time and time again.

A while back I created a web diagram charting out my goals and dreams for the year. I hung it on the wall to help inspire and keep me on track. My wife and son each had a “bubble” on the chart but there wasn’t anything attached to them. My wife made a comment jokingly about it and my thought was that loving them and building those relationships was self evident.

About a month or so ago I took the chart down. Self-evident or not, I felt I need to DWELL more on them. I needed to have my intentional conscious thoughts be directed toward them even more than house renovations, writing, and my job. Why?

Because our hearts live with what we treasure. The things we treasure fill our thoughts; they are the object of our desire, and our hearts long for them.

The more we think about something, the more important it becomes. There is a powerful psychological principle at work with regard to expectation and focus. Rather than bore you with the details, we have the power to increase our desire for something and appreciate something even more by simply focusing on it, thinking about, and daydreaming about enjoying it. This is often what we do when we first date someone.

This weekend, for a variety of reasons I was very focused on my family. As a result of treasuring them, I found myself enjoying tasks that I normally wouldn’t and appreciating time with my family on a level I wouldn’t normally. I have always loved my family but there are ways to consistently TREASURE them.

My advice to you is to treasure the things that really matter. Don’t just say the words. Don’t check off a list of attentive tasks. Let your heart live in the things that matter to you by making them your treasure- dream about them, reflect on them, long for them, and celebrate the moments that you enjoy them.


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