Monday Musings: The Wave

The following is a dream I had the other day. It impacted me so powerfully I had to write it down, something I’ve never done before. I hope you enjoy it and it speaks to you in some way:

She drifted about town unnoticed, that is until the storm. Her long matted gray hair hung beach-2089959_960_720over her deeply creased face making her largely unrecognizable. Her clothes were in tatters and the caked dirt filling the crevices of her skin made her look into her nineties. The regulars of this small town would say that she had some kind of dementia, simply wandering around this past year, not coherent in speech but not seeming a threat. Some avoided her, some pitied, and some were enraged at her presence.

The day the storm hit, it came upon everyone unawares. The sky was dark, rain was expected but not a storm like this. Out on the ocean was a lone boat. It was a small outboard motor boat with three people inside. The storm rolled in powerfully and quickly. As people rushed inside, many took note of the tiny lone boat perilously knocked about by the waves.

As it capsized, the towns’ folk gasped, but many froze as they noticed a figure running toward the water- not away. It was the old woman. It was surreal, causing several to take steps out into the rain and watch in disbelief as she dove into the water and began to swim out to toward the storm. Frozen, they watched as a woman with precision strokes cut through the water like an Olympic athlete half her age. Wave upon wave angrily crashed about her, but according to those who watched she seemed miraculously unaffected. One lone figure flailed frantically near where the boat had been overturned. Mouths dropped as she reached the figure, drew him in with an arm and proceeded back to the shore. With that, several ran to the beach and began to wade in, oblivious to the lightening and rain about them. She no longer moved with the swift grace that marked her entry into the water. She heaved and gulped and she struggled, inhumanly, to pull the individual along with her. Several tentatively surged forward into the water and pulled back. None found the courage or ability to push beyond chest deep as waves swelled and crashed around them. Time had no meaning as the struggle continued. Those watching fought with their fear, their shame, their deep desire to help. As she lurched into reach, two men lunged forward. One grabbed the woman, the other the one she rescued. As they did, a large wave enveloped them all. The wave covered her as she was held by the man and in a moment that stretched out beyond time, she felt the comfort of an embrace and thought how good it was to be held as she left this life.

In the dream, I felt her last breath and found it profoundly impactful.


4 responses to “Monday Musings: The Wave

  1. Wow. That is a powerful dream. The woman is misunderstood. No one sees the strength in her or the goodness. She wants to save people, but it is killing her. Those are just my first impressions. You must be that woman in your dream.

    I have had many dreams that I wrote down when I was in therapy. They were always about myself and usually relatives. They were usually horrible dreams. But I have also dreamed of Jesus, and those dreams were wonderful.

    • Thank you. It was very unlike any other dream I’ve had. The feelings were different and the way that I watched it unfold like a movie was different as well. It left me with some profound thoughts and feelings. Thank you for reading and sharing!

  2. We never know the storms going on in someone’s life. We tend to give each other, and especially strangers, instant judgement and assumption. Christ wants us to love everyone, and patient with all.

    We should do this before it’s too late.

    That’s what I took from it. 🙂

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