Beauty Beneath Disturbance

mystery-1599527__340Life always happens. We watch movies, go on vacation, read books, maybe read a blog and in those moments we connect to something outside of our life, something bigger. In the right context it gives us inspiration, but mixed with significant need it becomes escape. But one thing always happens- our life breaks through. We can’t run from it, avoid it forever or deny it.

When life is good, I’m thankful for God’s master plane. When life is bad I wonder what God is doing. Why can’t the world be as beautiful and connected as the world created in the last book I read? Why must there be such loneliness, pain, and misfortune?

It’s a challenge. Many of us are wired to want to see beyond this life, beyond the mundane, and to realize more than moments of joy or fulfillment. In the end there is something valuable in stretching our hearts and minds beyond our current “life.” I like how I feel when I’m inspired or when I feel more connected to those around me. Sometimes it requires some lateral thinking.

There is an old tale about a large tractor trailer that got wedged underneath a bridge. It highway-2639288__340held up traffic for hours and all the best engineers couldn’t figure out how to easily free it. As the story goes, I young child comes up to them and asks why they don’t just deflate the tires! The ability to think outside the box, often called lateral thinking, enables us to see life differently.

As a therapist, I often get a glimpse into the myriad ways in which we can see situations. A husband comes in and complains that his wife gets angry that he goes bowling on Thursdays. He hears her words and emotions as control and limitation. What he misses is the underlying message- I want to spend more time with you, I need you. In the fighting, he misses the great gift he has been offered. Beneath the disturbance, beneath the dysfunction, beneath the pain and fighting, there is often beauty.

Over a decade ago I ran across this entry, I don’t know who wrote it or I would absolutely give credit, but I think its beautiful:

glass-1523567__340“I had a friend, bonnie, who once said that a box of Swarovski crystal shards is more beautiful than the stupid faceted swan it used to be anyway, that the sound of breaking glass is breathtaking, and that sometimes you can be perfectly broken rather than broken instead of perfect. Sometimes broken can be beautiful.”



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