Monday Musings: Go with the flow!

Ecclesiastes 7:13-14 “Notice the way God does things”

praying-hands-2534461__340John Ortberg, The Life You’ve Always Wanted, has made the case that spiritual disciplines are a means to an end, not an end in and of themselves. He makes the bold claim that if we grow in our ability to love God and others without disciplines like prayer and bible reading than we can simply skip them. My point in referencing Ortberg is that we are called into a relationship- an individual journey. When we create formulas and steps to achieve connection with God or enlightenment we miss what it means to really engage God.

sea-2693404__340What I like about the above mentioned verse is that it reminds me of “going with the flow” or finding a current in the water. Ortberg uses the metaphor of a sailboat, “We can hoist the sails and steer the rudder, but we are utterly dependent on the winds.” This is a beautiful picture of life with God. It’s not simply that we have God direct our every step and it’s not like we simply go our own way, but God has invited us to build a life together.

As a therapist I have seen so many struggle at both ends of the spectrum. Either they seem completely paralyzed waiting for God to direct each step or they have no thought for how God may have designed them and orchestrated their lives.

Notice the way that God does things in YOUR life- it will be different from mine. It isn’t sailingeasy to navigate the waters relying on the wind. There are times of simply floating, sometimes we miss gusts of wind, and sometimes we find ourselves sailing against the wind, but when we are in tune there is a powerful “rightness” that propels us along unifying ourselves with something beyond ourselves that makes the travel exciting, fulfilling, and amazing.

There is no “one size fits all” relationship with God. Find the current of God in your life.


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