Unfading Beauty: the power of love

I’m going to take a breather from my series this week to share a little something from my heart at Christmas time.

engagement-1718244__340So, I was watching the new movie Wonder Woman and I was thinking that my wife would really enjoy it. It’s rare for me, but I’d be willing to watch it again with her. This is partly due to the fact that it took me a month to watch the whole thing because I only had time to watch bits and pieces, but I also think there were some great themes in the movie that have the potential to inspire.

As I thought about watching the movie with my wife, I imagined her joking comment, “Don’t you fall in love with her!” She says it teasingly, but I wondered how I would respond. Throughout my single years I was certainly enamored by the perfection that movies and television sometimes offered- the ultimate woman. Over the years, as I have counseled many men, I’ve heard this obsession with the perfect woman in various ways. It is like somehow in our celebrity obsessed, media filled world, a part of us has bought into the fairy tale lie.

So how would I respond? “Honey, my childhood was spent in search of something. I tic-tac-toe-1777880__340longed for the ultimate romance to sweep away all my problems and insecurities. All of that longing and searching ended with you. You are what my heart had been longing for. You aren’t perfect, neither am I, but I see the perfection in you. I see the beautiful you that drew my heart to you. I don’t need to chase a fantasy when all I have to do is recognize the beauty in front of me.”

There is a perfect man or woman inside of all of all us. Put another way, there is an amazingly attractive, valuable, interesting, and intelligent part of every person. Sometimes we don’t let it shine enough, other times it is other people that fail to look sun-breaking-through-clouds-2722302__340deep enough. But that is what love is, it is the capacity to see the rainbow through the clouds, to remember the beautiful sunny days when it rains. We hold on to the precious part of another that we were given the privilege to glimpse.  We hold close the part that we fell in love with, knowing that this is the true person- not the stressed, frustrated, anxious or weary one. We are human, the clouds always cover our best parts at times, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Behind those clouds lay stunning beauty. I love my rainbow!

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you celebrate your beauty and the beauty of others.


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