God’s Roar: Another Psychospiritual Devotional Exercise

lion-2427389__340Happy Valentine’s Day! The intellectual truth is that we have a God who loves us more deeply and profoundly than we could ever hope to imagine, but the emotional reality (the hard wiring that matters most in a relationship) says something different. Theology and scripture memorization can only get us so far and often we need so much more. For this weeks blog I offer a simple but powerful exercise to integrate into your life in an attempt to connect with our hearts on a deeper level.

There is a video of a bear cub being chased by a cougar. At the moment that the bear is cornered and the cougar is about to attack, the cub gets up his courage and lets out a mammal-3128351__340roar. Surprisingly the cougar cowers and runs away. The camera pans out and behind the cub is the mother bear on hind legs roaring behind the cub.

This can be a great devotional exercise. Throughout your day imagine God roaring behind you. Imagine him roaring at your problems. Feel his looming presence and powerful voice flowing over and around you. He is on your side. His strength is your strength. Feel the weight of Him on your side. I think of Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia as I write this.

lion-3012515__340For many of us, there can be a sense of being alone, feeling defeated, an ever increasing doubt. It can help to FEEL the “weight” of God’s fierce loyalty.


2 responses to “God’s Roar: Another Psychospiritual Devotional Exercise

  1. I like this. I am going to imagine this, because I a many times filled with fesr. I do ask God for his courage, and he always helps me. But I think this willalso help.

    • Glad you liked it. Let me know how it goes? Part of the struggle I find with devotional exercises that truly change, is the need for an engagement of our emotions as well as our intellect. I wish you well!

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