Till We Have Faces???

“Till We Have Faces” is the title of one of C.S. Lewis’ novels. The title came from a line in his book, “How can [the gods] meet us face to face till we have faces?” He was challenging our own self-deception, that we lie to ourselves and fail to perceive ourselves. The result being that, until we know ourselves, we can never truly know God. Often we deny parts of ourselves due to shame or anxiety. We attempt to hack off aspects of ourselves that don’t fit our beliefs out of fear. Many are afraid that anger or fear will separate them from God or make them a bad Christian so they shove those parts down so far that they no longer even recognize them. If the psalms teach us anything, its that passion, a full gambit of emotions is an acceptable way to approach God. David clearly had a face when he went before God.

The inspiration behind this blog is the desire to challenge and support others as they journey toward an authentic faith. I remember sitting with a friend at a coffee shop while a parade came through. It was lack luster, the crowd was minimal and the actual parade was so minimalistic that it felt just thrown together. My friend said it was like “propping up the dead.” The parade was an expression of ideals and sentiments long passed. People were still going through the motions even though the life had left it. Often Christianity is speaking a language long dead and demanding that others “prop up the dead” along with them. Ritual and culture can be powerful but it cannot replace true connection and experience. My hope is that through this blog I can speak in a language more readily received and challenge in a way that is not so much based upon rigid rules but a commitment to understand oneself, one’s relationship to others, and ultimately their relationship with God.

As a therapist I have grown to appreciate how disconnected we are from ourselves and how powerfully that affects our relationships, including our relationship with God. We lie to ourselves, live in denial and try and create a sanitized version of our relationship with God and the result is that we go to God and others without a face.

My experience with religion and psychology have led me to explore the psychospiritual truths of an authentic faith and my attempt here is to share them with you.


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