About the Author

I’m a Seminary dropout who took a very winding road to find his calling. After a Master’s in Counseling and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I discovered that my talents and passion is helping people to heal and grow. I found that the intersection of neuroscience, psychology, spirituality and religion became an obsession and has been eye opening and life changing for me and the individuals I work with.

After struggling for years with perfectionism, legalism, and being part of a controlling cult-like church, I found myself slowly experiencing God’s grace and later discovered my profession as a therapist.

Often the bible prescribes actions but does not describe how to do them. How do we love our neighbor? How do we take every thought captive? How do we be still and know God? The list goes on and I find many of the answers lay in understanding how our brains and minds work. As we become healthier mentally and emotionally, we become healthier spiritually and are able to engage with God and others in a much more transformative way.

So it has also been a joy to combine my earliest passion, writing, with my later life passion and write about life, psychology and faith.

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